All kinds of Recycling
Material Description(prices quoted are for minimum lot size of one(1) thousands pounds). Prices may change without notice. Please call (770)934-8248 for a price quote on any item you don't see listed. material quotes are for the ATLANTA market only. All material must be free of all types of contamination(steel, caulking, screws, rubber, paper) Contaminated material will be priced $0.10/lb less.
For commercial pickups at your company we now have the resources to weigh material with an electronic scale. We can provide containers for all your companies needs, paper drums, gaylord boxes, mesh carts, steel rolloff containers.
Scrap Metal Dealer Prices
6061 Aluminum
Aluminum Bumpers & Rims
Aluminum Cores(no iron)
Aluminum Turnings
Auto Radiators
Auto Radiators w/Iron
Brass Turnings
Cardboard (baled) per ton
Cast Aluminum
Cast Aluminum w/Iron
Copper w/Iron
Copper/Aluminum Cores
Extrusion 6063
Extrusion 6063 w/thermal
IRONY Extrusion
Insulated Wire(aluminum)
Insulated Wire(copper#1)
Insulated Wire(copper#2)
Insulated Wire(telephone)
Lead Wheel Weights
Painted Aluminum
OS Aluminum
OS Aluminum IRONY
Printing Plates(Litho)
Solder Druss
Stainless Steel
Graphic Arts Film
Medical Film
Film on Goldenrod
Last Updated on April 4, 2007